Lady lives in South East London and isn't afraid to do her own thing. A fan of the 'ladette culture' from the 90's, Lady tells us why it was so great, why it's still acceptable for it to carry on and still have a balanced playing field between men and women.


Lady - Amy Doyle
Derek - Matthew Castle

Director of Photography - Adam Singodia
Sound Recordist - Michael Chubb
Costume Designer - Lois Tagg
Make-Up Artist - Shauna Taggart

Stills Photography - Sam Rockman
Editor - Lindsey Woodward

Composer - Hollie Buhagiar

Sound Designer - Michael Chubb

Casting - Hammond Cox Casting

Directed, Written and Produced by Will Nash
Produced by Daniel Hammersley
Produced by Hold Your Fire

Shot on Kodak Super 8mm​ provided by Frame 24

Development and Scanning - Cinelab and On8Mil

Kit Hire - Focus 24

The Cutting Room Floor